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Welcome to Orthodontics Only in Hawthorne

If you are in the South Bay Area near Hawthorne, a beautiful, healthy smile is well within your reach. At Orthodontics Only, we offer the highest quality orthodontic treatment options in a comfortable and friendly environment. Here, you are an active participant in your treatment, given the chance to select the methods best suited to you and empowered with the knowledge you need.

Treating Patients of All Ages

No matter how young or old a patient is, our practice has the skills and technology needed to treat them. We work with children, teens, and adults on a regular basis, offering treatment methods that take into consideration their varied physical and social needs. Whether you are looking for an orthodontic assessment for a young child or invisible braces that work in a professional environment, our practice has you covered.

Treatments That Work for You

Every patient is unique, and that means a practice must offer more than one type of treatment to meet the needs of every client. That is why we offer multiple types of braces, braces alternatives, head gear, and other appliances. Not only do we offer the variety patients need, but we also make our treatment affordable through various payment methods and plans. With us, your treatment can truly work for you.

If you are in Hawthorne and need orthodontic treatment or an evaluation, contact Orthodontics Only and schedule your consultation.

Discover the revolutionary Invisalign treatment that has become the top choice for orthodontic patients in Hawthorne. With its comfortable correction and discreet appearance, Invisalign offers a convenient solution with minimal office visits and no visible appliances. And over the years, it has gradually become the top choice for patients in Hawthorne.

Orthodontics Only has been successfully treating patients with Invisalign since 1999, making us one of the most experienced orthodontists in the nation. We offer a comprehensive range of Invisalign options, including Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Express, and Invisalign, to cater to the unique needs of every patient. Contact us today to schedule a no-charge initial consultation.

How Does Invisalign Work? +

Invisalign revolutionizes orthodontic treatment by replacing metal brackets and wires with clear plastic aligners. These aligners, resembling plastic retainers or tooth whitening trays are for holding teeth in place and gradually moving them to their desired positions.

Custom-made for each patient, the aligners exert specific pressure on targeted teeth. As the aligners are switched throughout the treatment process, the pressure is adjusted to guide the teeth toward their optimal alignment.

How Is Invisalign Made? +

Before beginning Invisalign treatment, a pain-free and non-invasive digital scan of your teeth and mouth is taken to capture your digital anatomy. This scan serves as the foundation for the Invisalign software to meticulously plan each step of your treatment journey.

Each step is translated into a custom aligner or aligner set, allowing you to visualize your final result before committing to the treatment. With the comprehensive treatment plan in place from the start, you can have confidence in the outcome of your Invisalign experience.

What Makes Invisalign Great? +

  1. Discreteness: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible when worn, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly.
  2. Enhanced comfort: The aligners are more comfortable to wear compared to traditional metal braces, as they are made from smooth plastic without any sharp edges or wires.
  3. Faster treatment: Invisalign treatment is often faster than traditional braces, with some patients achieving their desired results in a shorter period of time.
  4. Removable convenience: You can easily remove the aligners when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, allowing for better oral hygiene and enjoying your favorite foods.
  5. Less frequent visits: With Invisalign, you make adjustments by swapping out aligners at home, resulting in fewer visits to the orthodontist’s office.

If these benefits resonate with you, schedule a consultation today to find out if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Braces Basics

The word “braces” tends to conjure up a specific image: an awkward teen sporting giant brackets, shiny wires, and colorful ligature ties. In the past, that is all that braces were. Now, there are lots of options on the market, giving patients the chance to find the system that best suits their needs. Here are the braces we offer at Orthodontics Only in Hawthorne.

  • Traditional Metal Braces

    Are these the braces you picture in your head? Kind of. While they are made of that shiny metal we associate with braces, they are not as large as they used to be. Now, brackets are smaller and the entire appliance is lighter in weight. These braces are the cheapest form of treatment and are highly effective

  • Clear Braces

    If the idea of braces sounds good, but you still feel they are not discreet enough, you can opt for clear braces. These braces use clear brackets that blend in with the teeth. As a result, they are more difficult for others to see, but they still offer the quality results of the original system.

  • Gold Braces

    For some patients, the look of braces isn’t exactly a problem, but they wish there were other color options. If silver isn’t your thing, why not give gold a shot? Gold braces are essentially traditional metal braces with a gold coating. It gives them a certain fun flare that can be quite elegant.

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign is an invisible form of treatment that accomplishes the same results as braces, but without using braces at all. Instead, it uses clear aligners that fit perfectly against the teeth, applying pressure exactly where it is needed. Treatment is quick and comfortable, making it a popular option.

    To learn more about these options and to determine which is right for you, schedule a consultation.

To learn more about these options and to determine which is right for you


Children’s Orthodontic Treatment

While orthodontic treatment is commonly associated with the teenage years, some children can benefit from early intervention. It is recommended that all children see an orthodontist around the age of seven to identify any potential issues and prevent future problems.

The Importance of Age Seven +

Around the age of seven, children have a combination of both baby teeth and permanent teeth, which enables orthodontists to detect important orthodontic issues. This age is also a critical time to take advantage of the child’s natural growth for effective corrections. Early intervention during this stage can efficiently address significant problems and prevent further complications.

Benefits of Early Treatment +

While most children at age seven may not require early treatment, for those who do, it can help avoid more invasive procedures later on. Early treatment is often more cost-effective, comfortable, and less painful than waiting. It can be of the following benefits:

  • Guide jaw growth
  • Reduce the risk of trauma
  • Correct oral habits
  • Improve facial balance
  • Fix crossbites
  • Guide permanent teeth placement
  • Facilitate easier teeth cleaning.

Early Treatment Appliances +

  1. Rapid Palatal Expander: Widens the upper and lower arches of the jaw to create space for permanent teeth.
  2. Removable Dentofacial-Orthopedic Appliances: Help guide the growth of jaws and facial structures for improved bite and facial balance.
  3. Lingual Arch: Maintains space for permanent teeth on the lower jaw when baby teeth are lost prematurely.
  4. Traditional Braces: Metal brackets and wires gradually move teeth into proper positions for alignment correction.
  5. Invisalign: Clear, removable aligners that discreetly shift teeth into alignment as an alternative to traditional braces.

Schedule a consultation to determine if early treatment is necessary for your child’s orthodontic needs.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Many adults with orthodontic problems assume that they have passed the age for treatment. However, this is not true. About a fifth of all orthodontic patients are over the age of 21, with more and more adults seeking treatment every day.

What Stops Adults From Seeking Treatment? +

There are generally three reasons adults do not seek treatment: they think they missed their chance, they worry about the look of braces, and they assume treatment is too expensive. As it ends up, adults do not need to fret over any of this. There is no reason for those over the age of 21 to skip orthodontic treatment.

Addressing the Misconceptions +

Adults are eligible for orthodontic treatment as long as their gums and bones are healthy. Even if they aren’t, orthodontists and dentists can work with the patient to improve their oral health so they can start treatment. This means you cannot be too old for treatment.

But what about the look of braces? In the United States, it is not common for adults to sport traditional metal braces. However, that is because they do not have to. There are many alternatives on the market that are less visible or even invisible. Do not let the look of braces stop you.

Then there is cost. Orthodontic care has a reputation for being expensive. While it isn’t cheap, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous ways to make it affordable, from using insurance coverage to opting for flexible payment plans. If you need treatment, it can be accessible.

Getting Started

If you want a healthier, more attractive smile, now is the time to get started.


to learn about your options.

What our Patient’s Say!

Benjamin D

I thought my teeth were not that bad. But after a friend told me that I might need braces because I had gaps in between some of my teeth that never really bothered me because at that time I was only 12 years old. I asked her where she got her braces and she told me she went to Orthodontics Only. At that time, we had no insurance so my parents asked the receptionist if they have financing and how much the interest rate is. She said they have zero percent financing so my parents were glad about this. Now I’m glad I listened to my friend’s advice on getting braces because everybody tells me how beautiful my smile is. Thanks so much Orthodontics Only!

John M.

My classmates used to make fun of my teeth at school because they were crooked and ugly. I was feeling so depressed and I didn’t want to go out anymore. My dad saw an ad on the newspaper for Orthodontics Only and asked me if I would like to go for a consultation. I didn’t have to wait long for the doctor to see me, she was very nice and she explained the procedure to me and made it easy to understand. Now after two years of treatment, my teeth are all straight, my confidence came back and I feel great every time I go out. All thanks to Orthodontics Only and their staff.

David S

I was not happy with my smile a few years ago. I felt embarrassed because I had crooked teeth and I was afraid to smile sometimes. My mom suggested I get braces to correct my smile. She had heard really good things about Orthodontics Only so she decided to take me there. The doctor was very nice and friendly and she explained how my treatment will be. I decided to start my treatment that very same day. My teeth are perfect! I am no longer embarrassed to smile. Thank you Orthodontics Only!