Welcome to Orthodontics Only in Van Nuys

Do you call Van Nuys home? If so, it is time to make your smile the best it can be. Orthodontics Only’s Van Nuys office offers innovative treatment options complemented by a comfortable environment and a friendly staff. When you select us for your treatment, you become a partner in the process, given the chance to select the options best suited to your lifestyle and empowered with the knowledge you need.

Treating Patients of All Ages

From seven years and up, our Van Nuys office can treat any patient. Not only is our staff trained to work with patients of all ages and needs, but we also have the technology on hand to address concerns specific to different age groups. From adults who require discreet treatment to children who need early intervention, you can access the care you require with us.

Treatment That Works for You

While two patients may have the same problems to be treated, no two patients are ever the same. From dental anatomy to treatment preferences, quality treatment means customized treatment. This is why we offer numerous types of braces and other appliances. And part of making treatment work for you means making all of this affordable. From discounts to flexible payment plans, every aspect of your care is fit perfectly to you.

If you are in Van Nuys and need to see an orthodontist, choose Orthodontics Only.